Ballonbardement - Huijskes VRT

This project was shot on location in the forest of Soest and Overloon. It is a short video invitation for a company that celebrates its 10th anniversary. The party was held in the war museum of Overloon in witch the company is greatly involved. This is a fusion between the war elements and the upcoming anniversary party. The small parcel, as seen in the video, is the parcel al the invites received. Next to the physical invite they can find a USB stick in there with this video on it. So there is a little droste going on there.

Client: Huijskes VRT
Actor: Jesse Laport
Special thanks: Oorlogsmuseum Overloon, Robert Alers, Jeroen Gerritsen, Egbert Neels, Marije Brouwer, Wendy Wezendonk, Anita Verhoef
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Behind the scenes

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